Sun Skipper G, Carolina Beach NC

2nd Row

Carolina Beach Homes For Sale

Sun Skipper G, Carolina Beach NC is a 2nd row, 3 story condo complex consisting of 6 units. Construction was complete in 1984. They are 2 bed and 2 bath and are approximately 900 square feet. Prices range from $155,000 to $190,000. Amenities include access to a pool located in another Sun Skipper complex (one building over) and flood insurance. It is close to a public beach access. Sun Skipper G, Carolina Beach NC is two blocks(.17 miles) from the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier where there is a grill and a bar. Freeman Park, a beach where 4 wheel drive vehicles are allowed, is also located there. It is a popular spot for fishing, camping, and just enjoying the beach. It is 16 blocks(1.63 miles) from the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, restaurants, nightlife and carnival.

Boulders have been placed on the beach in front of Sun Skipper G to prevent erosion. These boulders extend .06 miles to the south where it is possible to put out an umbrella and beach blankets.

One should note the history of Carolina Beach. The first boardwalk came to be in the late 1880's. From that time people have been coming to Carolina Beach. There originally was no road. Instead they used a ferry on the Cape Fear River to get to the area then took a train to the beach side. Slowly the boardwalk grew with shops and restaurants and then hotels. When there was no TV or air conditioning the boardwalk was alive at night. After those things were invented people tended to stay indoors at night. Recently the town of Carolina Beach has improved the boardwalk and has invited more shops and restaurants and a carnival to revitalize the area.

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