Masonboro Sound, Wilmington NC

The Masonboro Sound, Wilmington NC area is rich in history.  It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is the oldest known coastal resort in North Carolina.  It was the site of substantial summer cottages before the American Revolution.  Masonboro Sound slowly developed throughout the early nineteenth century as an exclusive summer resort.  Most of the visitors came from Wilmington and the near countryside.  Today, the “soundside” has a collection of restored homes along with new construction on the interior.  Soundside refers to the mainland area inland from Masonboro Island.  It includes the homes along the corridor of Greenville Loop, Masonboro Loop and Myrtle Grove Road.  They are bounded on the west side by College and Carolina Beach Road.   Bradley Creek and Whiskey Creek are the only two natural tidal creeks that flow to the Intracoastal Waterway.  There are also many small coves and tributaries.  Folks have built homes with docks along these areas but be careful….sometimes the tide is too low to navigate.  There are also manmade coves and marinas such as Inlet Point, Inlet Watch, Old Chimney, The Tides, Sandollar Shores, Tangle Oaks, Masonboro Harbor, Helms Port, Channel Haven, Masonboro Marina, Oyster Bay, Cedar Island,  Shinnwood, Towles, Shandy, Oak Landing, and Bradley Creek Marina.   Monkey Junction is on the mid-western side of Masonboro Sound, Wilmington NC.  There one can find restaurants, fine dining, fast food, grocery stores, pharmacies, major home improvement stores and a Super Wal-Mart.  Every convenience is there.  The northern end of Masonboro is close to the intersection of College Rd. and Oleander.  This area is a business hub as well offering many of life’s necessities including the two malls in Wilmington.  Mayfaire shopping center is only a 10 minute drive from the northern end of Masonboro.  It has many high-end boutiques, restaurants, and a movie theater.   Masonboro Sound is divided into two school zones.  The northern end attends Parsley elementary, Roland Grise middle school and Hoggard high school.  The southern end attends Bellamy elementary, Myrtle Grove middle school and Ashley high school.  

Neighborhood Details