Southport, NC

Southport NC began its long history in the early 1500’s with visits from Spanish explorers. The next 200 years saw settlements in the area but they were largely unprotected falling victim to Spanish and pirate raids. In 1745 Fort Johnston was erected in what is now Southport. Its mission was to protect the communities on the Cape Fear River. In 1792 the settlement acquired a name, Smithville, named after a revolutionary war Colonel who would later become a governor of NC. In 1887 the town was renamed Southport in an effort to promote the town as a major shipping port. This effort failed and the shipping industry went upriver to Wilmington. Because the town did not grow as a major port it remained small which today gives it the quaint harbor feel. One can find many unique gift shops and retail establishments along a strolling main street. One of a kind eateries have grown with the tourism best known for the fresh seafood brought in daily by local shrimp and fishing vessels. Today Southport supports many street fairs, art shows, and the North Carolina annual 4th of July celebration is held there. Southport NC is a small town totaling 3.8 square miles in size with approximately 2500 year round residents. The streets are lined with 200 year old Live Oak trees adorning the town’s collection of beautifully restored Victorian homes. There is a ferry service operating daily between Fort Fisher, just south of Wilmington, and Southport’s harbor. The cost is $5.00 for a car and takes about 35 minutes, just about the same amount of time it takes to drive.

Neighborhood Details

  • Elementary School
    Virginia Williamson Elementary
  • Middle School
    South Brunswick Middle
  • High School
    South Brunswick High