Bald Head Island, Brunswick County NC

Bald Head Island, Brunswick County NC, historically Smith Island, is a village located on the east side of the Cape Fear River.  The village of Bald Head Island is small and somewhat remote. It is only accessible by a 20 minute ferry ride or by private yacht from the nearby town of Southport. There are few cars on the island; instead, residents drive modified electric golf carts.  There are 14 miles of unspoiled beaches, 2000 acres of dunes, 10,000 acres of salt marsh and tidal creeks, and a lush maritime forest.  The Bald Head Conservancy Group diligently protects the island’s natural resources.  The only high rise is the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina.  “Old Baldy” as it is called was built in 1817.  It is out of service today but available for tours.  While Bald Head experiences four beautifully distinct seasons, temperatures are moderated by the nearby Gulf Stream, so much so that it is recognized as the northernmost subtropical locale in the U.S.

Neighborhood Details