The Breakers, Carolina Beach NC

Next to Freeman Park

Carolina Beach Homes For Sale

</font color=purple> If you are looking for Carolina Beach homes for sale, check out The Breakers. The Breakers, Carolina Beach NC is a 4 building condo complex with a total of 72 units. Construction was in 1982. They are 1 bedroom/1 bathroom and are 650 square feet. Also, they are at the end of Carolina Beach offering views of the marsh and ocean. It is within walking distance of the beach and pier(.05 miles). The Breakers, Carolina Beach NC has a selling history of $130,000 to $155,000. Some units have a garage. There is a community pool and picnic area. There are also areas for dog walking where baggies and waste baskets are provided. You can also relax on the bench swing and bird watch over the marsh. The Breakers is next to Freeman Park, a four wheel drive only beach where people go to fish, camp, and just enjoy the beach. It is 1.75 miles to the boardwalk and beach attractions such as shops, restaurants, the marina and bars(nightlife). It is worth knowing the general development history of the Island. The island in its entirety is called Pleasure Island. It consists of Carolina Beach to the north, then going south, Kure Beach and then Fort Fisher. The majority of Carolina Beach was developed in the mid-80's while Kure Beach is experiencing a renewed interest and older structures are being replaced currently. There is no development at Fort Fisher.  

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