Tides II, Carolina Beach NC

2nd Row

Carolina Beach Homes For Sale

Tides II, Carolina Beach NC is a 3 story, 2nd row condo complex consisting of 18 units. Construction was complete in 1985. They are 3 bed and 2 bath and 2 bed and 2 bath units with a size ranging from 850 to 1,150 square feet. The prices range from $157,500 to $218,500. Amenities include a pool, flood insurance and outdoor storage for your beach gear. Tides II, Carolina Beach NC is 8 blocks(.75 miles) from the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier. There is a grill and a bar there. Freeman Park is also there. Freeman Park is a section of beach designated for 4 wheel drive vehicles only. It is popular for camping and fishing. Also, It is 10 blocks(1 mile) from the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, restaurants, nightlife, and carnival.

Carolina experienced its modern building boom in the mid-80's but its popularity as a beach destination dates back a hundred years to the late 1800's. The first boardwalk was built in 1887. Since that time people have been coming to the beach enjoying restaurants and shops. The evenings were dense with people through the second world war. After that time, when TV became popular and the advent of air-conditioning, people preferred to stay in during the evening. In modern times, the carnival and shops along the boardwalk have brought the people back out.

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